Adam Leishman
Adam Leishman The Principal Licensee / Asset Management P. 1300 477 180 Email

If Grant is best described as the front end of the business, Adam is best described as the back end.

As a commercial lessor before becoming an agent, Adam has unique pragmatic methods that save time and money for all parties in a transaction. Having a deep understanding on compliance and governance actually allows us to apply simplified approaches instead of a ‘one size fits all’ process.

Looking after operations governance and compliance, Adams takes carriage of the following:

-Sales and Leasing Administration
-Trust Accounts (we run 1 for Sales/Leasing and the other is dedicated to Property Management)
-Asset Management
-Budget Processes ( Analysis and Estimation )
-Licensing Compliance

-Member of Real Estate Institute Qld Commercial and Industrial Chapter Committee
-Licensed Commercial Real Estate Agent
-JP (Qual)


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Adam has been featured in numerous publications over the years regarding his commercial properties approach to complete asset lifecycle process.