Comprehensive Asset Management Solutions for Your Commercial Property

At The Commercial Guys, we specialise in asset management for commercial, retail, and industrial properties. Our experienced team understands the property sector and is skilled in navigating the challenges it poses. We focus on mitigating risks and optimising the performance of your properties, ensuring they serve as effective investment tools.

Services Offered

  • Enhancement of asset value:  Understanding your personal strategy and plan for the asset, focusing on maximising property value by net returns.
  • Financial Management: Utilising advanced management and accounting software, we ensure accurate financial, tax, and outgoings budgets along with the end of year reconciliations.
  • Income Management: We enforce strict procedures for timely rent and outgoings collection as well as provide detailed monthly financial statements, enhancing your cash flow management.
  • Expense Management: All property-related expenses are efficiently managed and settled from rental funds, with transparent monthly reporting.
  • Lease Administration: Expert handling of market rent reviews, new term rent reviews, lease options, maintenance requirements, and tenant monitoring ensures lease terms are effectively managed
  • Risk Mitigation: Proactive management of potential risks, including asbestos, fire safety, compliance with retail lease obligations, and other statutory requirements.
  • Tenant Relationships: A dedicated Asset Management team will be assigned to foster strong relationships with you and your tenants, ensuring continuous and effective communication.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise & Experience: Our team, guided by industry expert (and commercial property owner) Adam Leishman, brings extensive expertise in asset management, governance, and leasing. This wealth of experience enables us to exceptionally perform every aspect of property management.  We offer unique and pragmatic solutions, that save time and money for all parties in a transaction. Having a deep understanding on compliance, law and governance actually allows us to apply simplified approaches instead of a ‘one size fits all’ process as an asset manager. Our documents are flawless. We don’t get GST or entities wrong because we have the knowledge to avoid making the errors that other make.  
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Leveraging cloud-based systems and advanced property management software, we ensure seamless and efficient management of your assets. Adam beta-tests new applications and software for the industry, he trains other agencies how to best embrace rather than fear rapid evolution. 
  • Local Market Insight: Our extensive knowledge of the South East Queensland commercial property landscape enables us to offer insightful and practical guidance tailored to your needs
  • Personalized Service: We pride ourselves on offering a personalized approach, ensuring that each client receives the attention and service they deserve.
  • Asset Enhancement: Grant Simpson excels in asset uplift, focusing on maximizing property value for owners. He skillfully advises on property enhancements during transitions, such as new tenancies or vacancies with an aim to increase the rental amounts for the property. An excellent example of this approach was at 9 North Shore Drive, Burpengary. Grant helped the owner undertake strategic upgrades, boosting the property’s appeal and rental value. This proactive management not only increased the rental income but also elevated the property’s market value, leading to its sale at $2,060,000.00, significantly higher than the initial $1,050,000.00. Interested in leveraging Grant’s expertise to enhance your property’s value?  Don’t take our word for it, we can put you in contact with property owners we have helped along the way for an honest appraisal of our services.
Contact us today to discover how The Commercial Guys can elevate not only your asset but your asset management experience. Let us handle the complexities of asset management while you focus on your business growth.

Or as we like to say internally here, you go do what you do best while we go do what we do best!

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A word from the Principal…
Thank you for considering The Commercial Guys for your asset management needs.
Do you want to be a property investor or a landlord? 
On the surface they sound like the same thing however the work load and stress load of each is very different.   Believe me, because I am an Owner, an Investor AND an asset manager.
It is because I am an owner, like you, that I have be able to assess my knowledge as an asset manager, my desires as an owner and worked with our own lawyer to create some innovative, pragmatic and cost saving systems.  For instance, using an electronic signing platform and our own in-house lease forms allow us to get agreements completed much faster and cheaper than it would take to even instruct a solicitor normally.
Just like a share market investor that uses a broker or managed investment fund, a property investor also utilises a professional to manage and maximise the return on their investment.
We invite you to consider us for that role today.
Adam Leishman
Managing Director / Principal
LREA, JP (Qual)
Adam Leishman

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How do Rent Reviews Work?

Typically, commercial leases have annual rent reviews built into them. The main 4 types of review are:
  1. CPI (Consumer Price Index),
  2. Fixed/Set i.e. 3%,
  3. Market Review
  4. New term rent review.
Skipping or forgetting reviews can have a negative impact on the value of your property.   Did you know if an option isn’t exercised on time, a new term rent review can be trigere? don’t be stuck with market or CPI if that doesn’t suit your investment strategy.  Call us to about how we use timing to your advantage.

What are Options?

Commercial leases often give the tenant the option of electing to stay for further term(s) after their initial term. i.e. The first term might be for 2 years and the lease might have provision for them to exercise their option for another period of time towards the end of the first term. Ask us about our own in-house Lease extension forms and how they might suit and save you time and money.

What if my tenant isn’t paying, can you help?

Yes, understanding this process is what stands us apart.
Firstly, there should be a fast-acting arrears follow up system in place. Secondly, we can and do issue valid Notices to Remedy Breach. Thirdly, we can and do lock out if you instruct us to.   Our role is to protect your investment.  We know how quickly arrears can add up to exceed the Bond held, exposing you to risk.   We work with your tenants to avoid this.  We don’t ignore the problem.  We keep you informed.

What all this electronic signing about, is it valid?

Yes, and we love it.  It saves you time and money.
We use the DocuSign platform, which works closely with Real Estate Institutes and Qld Law Society to provide a valid electronic signing solution for all documents.

Where does the Bond go?

Unlike residential properties, Bonds can simply be held by the Landlord. This can be in your own bank account; however, we find that most of the time owners elect to have it held in our Trust Account. This is all part of our property management service.