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Grant Simpson
Grant Simpson Partner, Director of Sales & Leasing M. 0433 427 503 Email

Grant Simpson has been leasing and selling commercial real estate for over a decade, this follows a highly successful career in retail and sales management.

With an extensive sales and marketing knowledge founded upon almost a decade of experience at Harvey Norman and the Super Retail Group, Grant possesses expertise in high level customer service provision and delivery of client satisfaction.

Grant’s business background serves as an effective tool in establishing and maintaining highly personalised relationships with clients, whilst his attention to detail and acute understanding of business operations aid in the delivery of consistent positive outcomes. Grant is dedicated to sourcing the right property for each of his clients, delivering tailored property solutions which are evidenced in the results he obtains.

Grant holds a number of key achievements in the commercial real estate arena, including the completion of over 800 transactions since founding The Commercial Guys. Some of his memorable and notable transactions are: 

 – Leasing of the Hastings Deering Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture site

 – Sale of the strip shopping centre at Glenmay Court, Morayfield 

 – Sale of the Iconic Rudds Corner, Caboolture ( Where Starbucks now is ) 

 – Leasing and Selling of numerous tenancies and lots in North Lakes Specialist Medical Centre

 – Leasing sites to 99 Bikes, School Locker and Harvey Norman

Grant enjoys working with developers like Harvest Property Group, Re-Grow Capital and the Comiskey Group.

One of Grants favourite long plays is helping clients purchase and reposition ( or reposition if already owned ) properties in the market. He worked with both sellers and buyers during the phases of selling 9 North Shore Drive, Burpengary for $1,050,000.00, working with the new owner carrying out various cosmetic upgrades to the property, leasing out the property and then facilitating the sale for $2,060,000.00 some 12 months later.  Would you like to work with Grant next? 

Bringing a fresh perspective to the ever-evolving commercial property arena, Grant is enthusiastic and passionate about commercial real estate.


– Founder and Partner of The Commercial Guys

– Licensed Real Estate Agent: 4478526

– A Commercial Guy since: The very beginning


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Adam Leishman
Adam Leishman Principal Licensee / Asset Manager P. 1300 477 180 Email

If Grant is best described as the front end of the business, Adam is best described as the back end.

As a commercial lessor before becoming an agent, Adam has unique pragmatic methods that save time and money for all parties in a transaction. Having a deep understanding on compliance and governance actually allows us to apply simplified approaches instead of a ‘one size fits all’ process.

Looking after operations governance and compliance, Adams takes carriage of the following:

-Sales and Leasing Administration
-Trust Accounts (we run 1 for Sales/Leasing and the other is dedicated to Property Management)
-Asset Management
-Budget Processes ( Analysis and Estimation )
-Licensing Compliance

-Member of Real Estate Institute Qld Commercial and Industrial Chapter Committee
-Licensed Commercial Real Estate Agent
-JP (Qual)


View Adams other experience and background here:


Mastering disruption – How the Commercial Guys have built a futureproof commercial property agency:


Adam has been featured in numerous publications over the years regarding his commercial properties approach to complete asset lifecycle process.

Jay Villareal
Jay Villareal Sales & Leasing Specialist M. 04 5550 9990 Email

Jay has spent the last 20 years in retail management and in recent years has turned to Commercial Real Estate as he loves the property industry.

Fun fact: Jay debuted for NSW Rugby League when he was 18 after playing for the Junior Dragons. He also was awarded a Scholarship to St Mary’s Cathedral College.

A local to our area since the days on the field, Jay would love to chat about the local market with you anytime.

Registered Real Estate Salesperson: 4337843
A Commercial Guy since: January 2020

Nick Cassimatis
Nick Cassimatis Sales & Leasing M. 0455 455 443 Email

The Cassimatis name is synonymous with local real estate and local businesses!

From a family of business and property owners Nick has spent his life serving clients everyday.

As a generational local, Nick loves talking about the local area and the people within it.

Registered Real Estate Salesperson: 4729791
A Commercial Guy since: September 2023

Karly Albert
Karly Albert Sales and Leasing Team M. 04 555 33 211 Email

From the moment Karly started her working life she knew that she wanted to be in real estate.

Karly joins us with a broad range of administration skills as she embarks on her venture into Commercial Real Estate.

Add to that her bright and very bubbly personality, you will quickly see she fits right in here at The Commercial Guys.

Karly has a creative flair and loves to decorate….when not at the beach.

Licence number-  4679095

A Commercial Guy since: September 2022

Anna Grant
Anna Grant Administration (Sales and Leasing) P. 1300 477 180 Email

Anna has spent more time in the Real Estate industry than anyone else here. With a career that has placed her in both Residential and then onto Commercial for the last decade, Anna has performed most, if not all roles in an agency.

This makes Anna the perfect ‘All Rounder’ that she is and the areas she covers here at TCG can not be all listed.

It’s fair to say that Anna predominantly looks after administration across the board including Sales, Leasing, Asset Management, Company admin and keeping Grant and Adam organised.

Anna likes weird things, like woodchopping. It’s inexplicable to us and we just don’t understand it.

Licensed Real Estate Agent: 3305061
A Commercial Guy since: August 2016

Laura Mac Mahon
Laura Mac Mahon Commercial Lease Asset Management P. 1300 477 180 Email

Like pretty much all of us in the Commercial Real Estate space, Laura started off in the residential side of the industry.

However, kicking off inside a family-owned real estate agency instilled in her the passion to learn all aspects of the business and this has led to Laura holding a wealth of practical knowledge and experience in Asset Management, Marketing, Trust Account management and all the operations of a Real Estate agency.

Add to that her massive involvement in the field of personal development she is constantly providing motivational support, inspiration and direction to all those around her.

When Laura pretends to have spare time, Laura enjoys English literature, dancing, singing, 4WDing and boating.

Registered Real Estate Salesperson: 4218606

A Commercial Guy since: July 2021

Chelsey Sellin
Chelsey Sellin Commercial Lease Asset Management P. 1300 477 180 Email

Chelsey is an awesome asset manager that comes to us from island paradise real estate land.

Working on a coastal island looking after a large mix of assets for lessors she has taken to real estate like a moth to a light ( I would have said ‘like a cat to a fur ball’ but we don’t want to imply “Cat Lady”)

In all seriousness, Chelsey is dynamic and energetic and is a constant source of vivaciousness and motivation for the team.

In her spare time, she enjoys beach trips, exploring and spontaneous adventures!

Chelsey became a first home owner this year and we all think it will be the first of many.

Licence number-  4460189

A Commercial Guy since: September 2021