JD Davies
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JD’s journey is a testament to his dynamic and multifaceted approach to sales and leasing. With a background that spans from the electrical field to the sports arena, JD has always been driven by a passion for excellence. His early days saw him leaving school for an electrical apprenticeship, while simultaneously playing premier grade rugby league for the Redcliffe Dolphins. His talent and dedication on the field sparked interest from the Brisbane Broncos, showcasing his commitment and team spirit.

However, it was the world of sales and real estate that ultimately captured JD’s ambition. Starting in front-line sales for a marketing company, he quickly learned that the essence of successful sales lies in understanding each client’s unique needs and desired outcomes. This insight has been the cornerstone of his approach to real estate, ensuring that every transaction is tailored to the client’s specific goals.

A chance encounter with Adam led to a pivotal turn in JD’s career, proving his worth and potential in the sales and leasing domain. Under the mentorship of Grant, a seasoned expert in sales and leasing, JD honed his skills and became a registered sales professional. His background as a second-rower in rugby league not only reflects his physical strength but also his ability to strategize, work in a team, and lead effectively.

Now, as the Team Manager for Sales and Leasing, JD brings his diverse experience, unparalleled dedication, and innovative approach to the forefront. His leadership style is infused with the same energy and drive that marked his time in sports and sales, making him an invaluable asset to our team. Ready to lead the charge, JD is not just part of the team – he is a key player in driving our success forward.


Licence Number: 4174026
A Commercial Guy since: August 2017

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